Outsourced B2B Direct Sales Service


Sales has been always a part of any organization challenges, it requires a special talent, tools, time, efforts, and money investment to be properly solid in the way to market penetration,

Instead of investing a substantial amount of time, effort, and money, hiring, and managing your sales team, hiring an Outsourced Sales will give you the opportunity to spend your time, efforts and money elsewhere in your company.

We will save your time, Efforts, and money, to focus on company product and business expansion while we will act as your sales department, from pricing strategy, sales planning till contract signing. 

Because we have been there before, moving other companies’ Sales values toward growth and profitability, we want to remove this responsibility from your shoulder,


What you will get

  • Sales department consisting of Sales Manager, Sales Executive(s)

  • Hassle free sales process

  • Review of your product pricing

  • Access to our CRM system

  • Monthly sales activity report

  • Quarterly sales forecasting and Customer contact report

  • Review any commercial terms related to your contract

  • All contracts and payments will be direct with your company

  • Project performance, Customer satisfaction, Payment follow up

  • A legal NDA will secure all your business information

  • We won’t sell to any similar product provider to the same sector


Targeted Customers
Our customers are any companies that Manufacture or develop a product or service package, salable on a business to business bases, targeting a specific market segment by direct sales activities, and willing to penetrate the Egyptian Market, by hiring us to be the company sales department,

Service Criteria’s
our service is based on Business to Business Direct sales,
We don’t do digital marketing, and we are not a distributer, agent, or sales representatives,